History of Happy Valley


1850 – The Deardorffs cross the plains to Oregon.
September 27, 1850 – The Donation Land Claim Act is passed by the U.S. Congress. 

1851 – Christian and Matilda Deardorff settle on a donation land claim beside Scouters’ Mountain and are the first to settle in what would become Happy Valley.2 
October 1851 – John M. Deardorff claims 320 acres next to his parents’ claim.3 

1852 – Francis and Amanda Talbert and their children travel the Oregon Trail and arrive in Oregon. Francis would receive a Donation Land Claim in present-day Happy Valley. Francis’ son, John A. Talbert, would serve in many public positions including in the state legislature. Mount Talbert was likely named after the family.

1858 – The historic Deardorff Barn is constructed on the property of John M. Deardorff.

1865 – Harvey Scott, the namesake of Mount Scott, becomes the editor of The Oregonian.

January 6, 1876 – A travelled road going from Harmony to Damascus is established as County Road #96. This road is today’s SE Sunnyside Road.

1884 – The Sunnyside School is established at the northeast corner of present-day 122nd and Sunnyside Roads.

December 14, 1884 – Christian Deardorff passes away and is buried in the Christilla Pioneer Cemetery on Scouters’ Mountain.

1890 – George, Charles F. and John C. Zinser each build homes in Happy Valley and the Zinser family becomes one of the longest residing families in Happy Valley. 

April 30, 1891 – Matilda Deardorff passes away and is buried in the Christilla Pioneer Cemetery on Scouters’ Mountain.
1892 – A small one-room schoolhouse opens on land donated to the county from John Deardorff’s land claim.

1898 – The area going north to Foster Road is surveyed for a new county road. This would be an important route for valley residents to reach the markets on Foster. Today, the road begins as 132nd Avenue and becomes Deardorff Road.
PictureChristian and Matilda Deardorff Original Settlers

PictureJohn A. Talbert

PictureThe Deardorff Barn, 1989

PictureView from 147th south of King Road looking north west toward Mt. Scott. Happy Valley School is at lower right.

PictureView from Happy Valley School to the south east toward Scouters Mountain.

PictureView from the Evangelical Church at the intersection of King Rd and 129th to the east and Scouters Mountain.


Happy Valley shown from above 147th & Frye.

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